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Flaxmere College Drill Visit

On Thursday 26 June we had no idea what we were in for.  We were all excited while we were entering the hall.  When I walked in I noticed that all the chairs were moved.  Then Flaxmere College entered.  I thought we were going to do dancing or something like that but then they said we were going to move outside.

When we were outside we were all in one big line that went around the whole courts.  The Services Academy from Flaxmere then did a drill marching routine.  When they had finished, they told us we were going to be taught how to march as a team – I couldn’t believe my ears!  It looked quite hard.  The academy students picked a class each to teach.  Two boys called TK and Charles came and taught Room 7.  While we were learning, every other class was learning at the same time.  We practised for about 20minutes and then the whole school and got together and did it at the same time.  It looked really cool, although, some students could not quite get their arms to work in time with their legs.  Mr Sisam had to judge the overall winning marching class – Room 9 were crowned the winners.

Well done to all the Heretaunga students, you looked great.  Thank you very much Flaxmere College for coming, it was an awesome Thursday!

Cayla Rm 7

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    Kindy Visit

    Today Camberley Kindy visited our music room with some students who have shown a real interest in music, especially the drums.  Mr Seyer took the children for a session on beating the buckets making caterpillar, and lion rhythms before letting them loose on the “Big Drums”.  The kids had a great time.  Thanks Mr Seyer for making this happen.

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